If you are visiting Nashville city, you should also visit the Grand Ole Opry. This applies even if you are not a big fan of country music.

If you haven’t already planned it, you should plan a visit to Nashville city as soon as possible. Moreover, once you are inside the city, you must enjoy the performance at the Grand Ole Opry. Without this, your trip to Nashville  will be incomplete.

In this article, we will explain why every person should visit the Grand Ole Opry, even if they aren’t into country music that much.

It is The Best Place For Country Music

The grand ole opry is regarded as the birthplace of country music. It all started from radio and expanded to a full fledged stage show.

Many country music legends starred their careers in the grand ole opry before becoming giants of this genre.

country music artists


Therefore, even if you aren’t super into country music, you should still visit the grand ole opry for it’s a historical place.

Different Artists Perform Here

The grand ole opry isn’t just about country music. Artists from other genres also perform in this historical building. So, keep checking the event schedule to see when your favorite genre will be played at the stage.

This way, you can enjoy listening to your favorite artist even if he isn’t a country music legend.

The Live Performances Are Always Lit

Grand ole opry is also known for its stunning performances. Since it is a huge stage, only the best artists including country music artists get the chance to perform here.

So, you can visit the grand ole opry even if you like live performances in general, you won’t regret buying the ticket.

These were the reasons why you should visit the grand ole opry.

Cradle is one of the most sought-after ebook series these days. If you are familiar with  Will Wight’s works, then for sure you too would love the Cradle Series. This comes in 9 volumes and the 10th is expected to be released in November 2021. If you are excited to give it a go, then here are the reasons why you should start reading or listening to the Cradle Series that you can purchase from Kindle.

Will Wight's Cradle Series

Interesting Magic System

One of the reasons why you should start reading the Cradle Series is because of its magic system. In fact, this is what makes the storyline interesting. If you love the style of how popular mangas were created, then you would surely love Cradle. This is perfect for readers who love complex magic systems. Once you progress through the books of this series, you will also see power improvements in the main characters.

Development of Characters

Throughout the series, the main characters are mentored, trained, and challenged. They are looking for more answers that also improve how you perceive the future of the characters. The series starts with Lindon. Then he is followed by Eithan, that many fans love. He is mysterious but has a good sense of humor. Yerin is also introduced. A female character who is a complex artist. There are other additions to the series like Little Blue, Mercy, Dross, and Northstrider. All of their characters are surely intriguing.

Cradle Series’ World

The first two books of the series are considered as the foundation of its world. Even though they are slow-paced compared to the storyline of the rest of the books, they help readers and listeners understand a little bit more about the characters’ world.

Then as you progress through the other books in the series, different clans are introduced. Each clan s unique and well thought of. They have their own practices, traditions, and values. Also, the books’ followers learn about the challenges that the characters are facing and how they deal with the threats. 

Cradle Series’ World

Addictive Storyline

The Cradle Series is very popular for all the right reasons. If you love an interesting storyline, then this series is definitely for you. In fact, fans say that it is very addictive. There’s no dull moment as there are times that the storyline is fast-paced. And when it comes to the action scenes, they are intense to the point that they will always put you at the edge of your seat. This will surely keep your adrenaline levels up.

Reading audiobooks or simply reading them is fun. That is why the Cradle series has the audiobook version too. This hands-free way of following a book leaves you no chance of missing out on the good bits of the story. So if you are a fan of book series, then you should definitely give Cradle a try. Start reading the first three books that come in a bundle in Kindle called “Foundation.” Then you can follow it up by reading the next books in the series until you reach the last book.