Frequently Asked Queries regarding the Cash Home Buyers:

Users may have several queries. That is indeed all right; many folks would. So, below is a brief list of a variety of inquiries we receive, together with the responses. Do not even think twice to get in touch with all of us (or make us a phone) if you continue to possess concerns; we’ll be pleased to help.  The link below provides help with the FAQ.

  • Will you buy my house or would you sell it on the Multiple listing service?

Great question, I reply. We do not even list properties and we aren’t realtors. We are experienced property buyers, and we acquire Dallas area homes that fit our standards. From that, we can either maintain the house as a lease ourselves or renovate it and offer it to a different customer.

  • Will you purchase houses at reasonable prices?

A substantial portion of the homes we buy is all below valuation. On property, we’re trying to negotiate a reasonable price. Nevertheless, in our expertise, most owners are more grateful for the fact that we give cash, we close immediately (zero queuing for finance), and no work, energy, or cost is essential on your part to clean up the home or pay service charges. Rather than expecting a significant “windfall” on the property. If this is what you want to do and you recognize the importance of having your house sold quickly, let’s try to negotiate a fair price that benefits both parties.


  • How would you decide what amount to bid on my residence?

Brilliant question and we encourage any inquiries. Our procedure is pretty simple. We evaluate the estate’s position, the necessary maintenance, its existing state, and the prices of recently shut down similar home sales in the neighborhood. As you are aware, home values have deteriorated sharply over the past five years, and also most regions have yet to see a rise in prices. We take into account a variety of factors… and determine reasonable pricing that benefits you as well as ourselves.

  • Once I provide my information, am I under any commitment?

 You are under no commitment at all. Once you’ve given us some information regarding your properties, we’ll check at it, possibly schedule a conversation with you to learn further, and then offer you a whole offer that’s reasonable for both of us.

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